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Kevin Titus New book on Bonnie and Clyde! Now available at Bookloft stores. The DEOA Connection,Bonnie and Clyde,The Legend Lives On! Selling for $15.00,$20.00 if mailed.All copies are signed by the author himself! contact or Bookloft Book stores.


Kevin Titus New book Out! Bonnie and Clyde,”The Legend Lives On”!

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Kevin Titus’s New book entitled The DEOA ans Bonnie and Clyde Connection”The Legend Lives On”! is out and available NOW! The book is dscribed as an outstanding compilation facts not know or read before. Kevin writes about his and the DEOA Historical Association history as they were the First to portray the Texas Outlaws in Living History and thru movies and TV programs through out the 1980’s and 1990’s! You can purchase this book online at It will be autographed by the author Kevin Titus.The book is $20.00 with $10.00 S&H mailing fees. Get this amazing book,as it is in limited run.And will be a rare part of any one’s Bonnie and Clyde ,1930’s  collection. You can also call #860-201-7771 to request a book,leave a message to that .

George Reeves Story film cast search

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The George Reeves Story film cast is seeking a woman in her 30’s to possiably portray Lois Lane in all future events and filming.E-mail pictures and resume to Kevin Titus at Good Luck!

The George Reeves Story Cast Appearence

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On April 26th,2015 ,from 10am-1pm, George Reeves/Superman actor Kevin Titus  and cast member Michael Esposito(Jimmy Olsen) from the new history film on George Reeves life will visit the Sandy Hook National Park,Sandy Hook,NJ. for their annual  breakfeast.

“The George Reeves Story” film cast media meet

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On Sunday,April 12th,2015 at 1:00-3:00 pm,Kevin Titus and cast members of the “The George Reeves Story” soon to be filmed,film and public events  discussion,will be in downtown Canaan-Falls Village,CT. for a cast media meet,and possiably the official film wardrobe on display? Great opportunity to meet the cast in person and up close!

Kevin Titus and “The George Reeves Story” film cast to appear on WSBS Radio Live!

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Famous Actor Kevin Titus and the cast of “The George Reeves Story” film will appear on live radio at WSBS 860 AM  and 94.1 FM on Wednesday,April 8th,2015 at 9:25am! You will hear about the filming and events to the public on this memorable Superman historical events! Check online to hear as well!!!

George Reeves/Superman Historical Event!

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On July 11,2015,at 12pm -4pm,at the historic Colonial Theater, Rail Road Ave and RT 7,in  N.Canaan,CT., the well-known Living History actor Kevin Titus will perform an historical reenactment  from the original 1950’s era TV series Superman,as George Reeves! Kevin Titus is the official representitve of George Reeves of the East Coast! Kevin Titus(Superman/Clark Kent),with actor’s Micheal Esposito,(Jimmy Olsen).and Lois Lane,Perry White(Daniel Carubia) will be on site and available for autographs and pictures.Baby Boomer’s,children all come to remember an endearing man,actor ,and legendary TV show,remembered! Follow updates and posting’s!